The Lieutenant Governor serves as a member of the following boards, commissions, and initiatives in the state of Missouri:

  • Missouri Tourism Commission
    The Missouri Tourism Commission promotes the growth of Missouri’s travel industry – thus creating jobs, tax revenue, and economic development.
  • Missouri Development Finance Board
    The Board assists infrastructure and economic development projects in Missouri by providing the critical component of the total financing for projects which have a high probability of success but are not feasible without the Board’s assistance.
  • Missouri Housing Development Commission
    The Commission works to provide quality, safe, affordable housing for low and moderate income citizens of Missouri.
  • Missouri Community Service Commission
    The Commission nurtures volunteerism by encouraging an atmosphere that enables citizen service to prosper.
  • Board of Fund Commissioners
    The Board issues, redeems, and cancels state general obligation bonds and performs other administrative activities related to state general obligation debt as assigned by law.
  • Board of Public Buildings
    The Board has general supervision and charge of state facilities at the seat of government. The Board also has the authority to issue revenue bonds for the construction of state office buildings and certain other facilities.
  • Second State Capitol Commission
    The Commission evaluates and recommends courses of action on the restoration and preservation of the Capitol, the preservation of historical significance of the Capitol and the history of the Capitol, and ensures accessibility to the Capitol for physically disabled persons.
  • Special Health, Psychological, and Social Needs of Minority Older Individuals Commission
    The Commission studies certain needs of the state’s minority older individuals and makes recommendations for program improvements and services to the Governor and key legislators.