Agritourism Sign Cost-Share Program

Recognizing the importance of tourism in Missouri, and understanding that agritourism is a unique and growing subset for which Missouri is particularly well suited, the General Assembly has set aside funds in the Fiscal Year 2024 budget for a cost share program to provide highway signage for qualifying agritourism businesses.

Agritourism businesses may participate in the Missouri Tourist Oriented Directional Sign (TODS) Program, administered by Missouri Logos under the direction of the Missouri Department of Transportation.

In order to qualify, agritourism sites must provide the opportunity to visit a working farm, ranch, or agricultural facility and:

  • Grow/raise/harvest products on site for purchase
  • Be open to the public without reservations
  • Be open a minimum of 30 days per year
  • Be open at least four hours per day, two days per week, one of which is a Saturday or Sunday
  • Provide restroom facilities (temporary facilities are allowed)
  • Be within 15 miles of signs.

Once an agritourism business is accepted into the TODS Program, the business should fill out the sign cost-share application by May 28, 2024 in order to ensure adequate time to process reimbursements.