JEFFERSON CITY, MO – On Tuesday, March 2, 2022, Lt. Gov. Kehoe and House Majority Floor Leader Dean Plocher, announced the “Missouri Stands with Ukraine” initiative, a twofold response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The initiative began with the introduction of HB2913, filed by Rep. Plocher, which prohibits state entities and private businesses from contracting with Russia, Russian entities, or any other country currently occupying or attacking a NATO ally. The second half of the initiative encourages Missouri retailers to consider voluntarily removing Russian-made or Russian branded products from store shelves, and replacing them with USA-made and Missouri-made products.

“This initiative is in response to Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine.  As we speak, Russian forces are unleashing their full military power against a sovereign nation, leaving death, destruction, and human rights violations in their wake,” said Kehoe. “Representative Plocher and I have had multiple conversations with Missourians, including one who is a Ukrainian-American Legislative Assistant here in the Capitol, and understand the need for Missouri to show support for the people of Ukraine. The message we want to send is simple: Russia does not share our values and Russian businesses funding Putin’s war of aggression are unworthy of Missourians’ money. Accordingly, we ask Missourians to replace Russian-made and Russian-branded products with American, and preferably Missouri-made, products.”

Annually, the United States imports tens of billions worth of products, ranging from precious metals and stones to spirits, from Russia.

“Missouri will do its part in this critical moment in history,” said Kehoe. “As the Buy Missouri advocate for our state, I always encourage Missourians to purchase locally, and now it is more important than ever to do so. No matter how large the transaction, even if it’s a single product on a store shelf, the amplified effect of these decisions send a direct and meaningful message to the Russian government that Missourians support Ukraine.”

The “Missouri Stands with Ukraine” initiative is one of several Ukrainian support efforts made throughout the state, joining the likes of Ford Motor Company who has suspended all operations in Russia and will be making a donation to the Global Giving Ukraine Relief Fund.