(JEFFERSON CITY) – Lieutenant Governor and President of the Missouri Senate Mike Parson released the following statement today.


Today was a sad day for the State of Missouri. I am very disappointed in the outcome of today’s proceedings. The failure today of several members of the Missouri Senate not to take a vote on critical issues sets a dangerous precedent and a terrible example for future Missourians.

Obviously, we are frustrated with some members of the Missouri Senate’s decision to let Senator Maria Chappelle Nadal retain her seat. Make no mistake; this does not change my position that the Senator’s actions are inexcusable. I totally disagree with these Senators’ poor choice to let her remain in the Senate.

I am saddened to see members of the Missouri Senate and Missouri House of Representatives did not find an alternative funding source to restore cuts made to over 8,000 Missouri seniors, veterans, and those with disabilities. Today could have been a great day for our elected officials to stand up for those who do not have the ability to care for themselves, but instead it turned out to be of little comfort to the thousands of Missourians who are losing access to basic services.

While today was not a good day for our state, I will never stop fighting for our state’s veterans and seniors, and standing up for Missouri values. We owe it to the next generation to uphold good moral values, and today several members of the Missouri Senate and Missouri House of Representatives failed miserably.