(JEFFERSON CITY, MO) – On January 30, 2018, several media outlets reported on the Office of Lieutenant Governor’s FY19 budget. Many of the headlines read, “Missouri’s Lieutenant Governor Wants a Personal Driver.” All proceedings are recorded, and it is important that the information be accurately reported and perceived correctly.


The Office of Lieutenant Governor asked for an additional $50,000 for the FY19 budget. The request was for additional money to be divided into two entities:  $25,000 to help with any legal fees that may occur throughout the year and $25,000 for a part-time employee whose responsibilities would include varied office duties as well as assist the Lieutenant Governor in travel when representing the people of Missouri.


The legal fee budget item was requested in the event the Office of Lieutenant Governor needed legal advice or assistance. During the first year of Lieutenant Governor Parson taking office, legal fees were needed to assist with the St. Louis Missouri Veterans Home investigation and our “Buy Missouri” program.


The Office of Lieutenant Governor employs six full-time employees. It currently is the smallest staff of any statewide office. One of the goals of the Office of Lieutenant Governor is to transform the office by increasing its presence.


In 2017, Lieutenant Governor Parson and his staff committed to visiting and attending over 200 events statewide and successfully conquered that goal. Lieutenant Governor Parson said, “It is important to the Office of Lieutenant Governor to take the time to visit these communities to understand concerns and keep them informed on the issues facing Missouri.”