JEFFERSON CITY – Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder today issued this statement regarding Governor Jay Nixon’s acceptance of a $50,000 donation from the UAW a few days after his veto of Right to Work legislation:

“On June 10, less than a week after he vetoed Right to Work legislation, Governor Jay Nixon received his reward: A $50,000 check from the United Auto Workers union, headquartered in Detroit. Gov. Nixon is constitutionally barred from seeking reelection. What use, then, does he have for this money? He should return the money. Otherwise, it smells of more ‘pay to play’ politics by this administration.

“The governor likes to give lip service to putting limits on campaign spending while he rakes in millions of dollar from lawyers, lobbyists and labor. He needs to return the money, and lawmakers need to override his veto in September. Right to Work is a critical reform that will spur economic development in our state, and the Legislature has the opportunity to stop Gov. Nixon’s obstruction.”