(JEFFERSON CITY) – Lieutenant Governor Mike Parson is urging the Missouri Legislature to resolve Real ID before the end of session. The Real ID Act of 2005 was passed after the events of September 11, 2001 tightening standards for forms of identification accepted by the federal government. Beginning in January 2018 Missouri IDs will no longer be accepted as forms of identification when boarding domestic flights, visiting military installations or when entering federal buildings, unless Missouri complies with the Real ID Act.

The Legislature has until Friday, May 12 to act on current proposed measures, and thus avoiding a possible special session on the matter. Under proposed legislation, Missourians can choose to obtain an ID that complies with the Real ID Act or one that does not. Copies of the documents used to obtain an ID which complies with the Real ID Act will be retained by the Department of Revenue.

“I strongly urge the Missouri Legislature to act on this important issue,” said Lieutenant Governor Parson. “The Real ID Act was born out of concern for terrorist threats across our country, and while those concerns are valid, Missourians should not have to pay the price for the Legislature’s inaction. Missourians need to be able to travel from our airports and visit family and friends on our military installations without unreasonable delays or restrictions,” Parson said.

While critics have raised privacy concerns regarding the REAL ID Act, businesses and chambers of commerce across the state have voiced deep concerns over fears of restricted travel should a solution not be found before the federal deadline. Lieutenant Governor Parson has urged lawmakers to remember the Missourians who will be affected if the Legislature does not act.